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Señor Da... J...


119330 Moscou

Situación actual:

Sector de actividad actual: Food industries

Tamaño de la empresa: + de 1000 asalariados

Cargo actual: Performance manager

Número de años en este puesto: 3-5 años

Número de personas que usted dirigía: 11-20 personas

Salario anual: 60.00 EUR

Experiencia total: 6-10 años

Disponibilidad: Preaviso 3 meses

Puesto buscado:

Cargos: production manager, performance manager, consultant

Sector de actividad: food industries, ,

Tipo de contrato deseado: Contrato indefinido, Contrato temporal / trabajo intermitente, Contrato de agente

Tiempo de trabajo deseado: Jornada completa, Fines de semana

Salario anual mínimo deseado: 40.00 / 0.00 EUR


Último nivel de estudios: número de años de estudios validados con diploma después de los estudios secundarios. : +5

Último diploma : Ingeneer in agriculture and food industries

Nivel de estudios actual: número de años de estudios después de validación de los estudios secundarios. : +5

Otras formaciones: :

Divers :

Movilidad geográfica: País : Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaiyán, Bahamas, Bahréin, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bielorrusia, Bulgaria, Canadá, Cabo Verde, Islas Caimán, Chile, Chipre, Islas Cocos (Keeling), Comoras, Costa Rica, Croacia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dinamarca, Democratic Republic of th..., Dominican Republic, Dominica, Timor Oriental, Ecuador, Spain, Fiyi, Finlandia, Francia, Guayana Francesa, French Polynesia, Territorios Australes Fra..., Grecia, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guernsey, Georgia, Honduras, Hungría, Indonesia, Ireland, Islandia, Isla de Man, Italy, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Letonia, Luxemburgo, Macao, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malasia, Maldivas, Malta, Marshall Islands, Martinica, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nueva Caledonia, Isla Norfolk, Noruega, Nueva Zelanda, Omán, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Netherlands, Filipinas, Polonia, Portugal, Perú, Reunión, Rusia, San Pedro y Miquelón, San Vicente y las Granadi..., San Bartolomé, San Marino, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Samoa Americana, Santo Tomé y Príncipe, Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia, Seychelles, Eslovenia, Thailand, Trinidad y Tobago, Túnez, Turquía, Vietnam, Wallis y Futuna

Herramientas / Software / Métodos dominados office, minitab 5S, LEAN, 6sigmas, management of change, methode ichikawa, ...

Permiso de conducir vehículos pesados o vehículos especiales B

Lenguas Francés : Nativo
Inglés : Idioma de trabajo
Ruso : Idioma de trabajo
Español : Básico


Señor Da... J...


119330 Moscou


2011-2015 Regional Performance Manager for Lactalis CIS and North Africa (14

Management of milk inside
the factory to reduce losses

Saving plan definition for
budget and following up with the factory team: process losses, optimization of
equipment, production plan, formulation and technological problem, quality

Management of change

Reduction of industrial
variability within our factories :

Implementation of
technological following up to monitor our process

Challenge and develop method
with local team (LEAN, 5S, 6 sigmas, ..)

Writing SOP (Standard
Operating Procedure) and Correctives actions

2009-2010 Raw
material manager for Lactalis Group for milk in
Laval (France)

- Animation of multi-job
workgroup around physical counting issues in factory.

- Analyze of key points and weak points of milk management in factory to
specify needs of knowledge.

- Definition of good practices to follow milk in the factory.

- Help factories (Europe, CIS, USA) to follow and define the origin of

Implementation leader for Lactalis IT in
Laval (France)

- Implementation and training of industrial Lactalis software (logistic,
production monitoring, maturing monitoring, mass balance)

- Definition of new method to roll out implementation for 120 factories:
quicker and less expensive

- Follow up and definition of new
needs with users

GES (Engineering consulting
in agronomy and environment) in Noyal sur vilaine (France)

- Studying
and writing classified installations for farms and food industries.

- Carrying
out some study to identify opportunity of saving for water consumption and
Ingredients usages for food industries

- Pedological
study to appreciate Soil quality


1992-1997 E.S.I.T.P.A. (High
School Engineer for Agriculture) in Val de Reuil (France).

Engineer in Agriculture.

2003 IRIS (Regional Institut of informatics) in Nantes (France)

system knowledge (Second year University


Languages French : Mother Tongue

: Fluent

Russian : Fluent

Spanish : school knowledge

Office, Minitab, informatics
languages knowledge,

Carta de motivación:

Señor Da... J...


119330 Moscou

Offer for production manager or performance manager

Dear sirs,

For more than 10 years, I have been working in
Lactalis Group within different jobs. Few years ago, I wished to get closer to
operational part what I did with my current job.

Now, the area is composed of 14 factories in
CIS as well as North of Africa and I’m working with fresh product, cheese,
powder and butter product. The job of Regional Performance manager is a post
with multi facets. I support factory to define their actions in term of
reduction of losses for milk, ingredients and packaging. I support project with
factory with our industrial manager during the definition of new investments
and make sure of the global coherence within the area.

These last two years, the accent is put on the
reduction of the industrial variability in our factories. The objective is to
train factories in standardized technological follow-ups in terms of analysis
and monitoring of our process (5S, 6 sigma, LEAN, …). The work is made in
association with collaboration of all industrial functions: production,
quality, maintenance, R*D, supply chain … The target is to improve our
organization and to catch variability of our processes during the manufacturing
process to be able to do right actions.

The dimension of area is not compatible with my
family life. For this reason, I’m looking for some opportunity within
industrial unit but stay in a big company with internal opportunity in a second

I hope that I caught your attention
and consider me at your disposal for any further information.

Sincerely yours,

Señor Da... J

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